TOT Runway: A London fellow from Janie and Jack

A London fellow from Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack How adorable is this 'A Day in London' one-piece from Janie and Jack?

It has the iconic double decker bus, London's black cabs and Big Ben stitched onto it. I especially love how it makes our lil' Ben look like a proper English gent:

The navy plaid collar alone is very dapper!

The outfit is no longer available online anymore, but the matching Plaid Woolen Cap still is
Plaid Woolen Cap
Have you been inside a Janie and Jack store before? Janie and Jack shops offer distinctive, finely crafted clothing and accessories for the little ones. They have stores nationwide. Below are pics from their shop on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut. I love how it feels like an adult boutique, but with posh children's clothing inside outfitting preemies through 6-years-old in shops and 0-12 years online.

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