TOT Runway: Buying used baby clothes

Buying used baby clothes

I had never bought used closed before until I was pregnant and then, I couldn't keep up with the amount of sizes I needed and I couldn't justify buying expensive maternity wear for something I might only wear once. Same goes for some baby clothes (like Polo), both are so expensive when bought brand new and are worn for such a very short period of time

You don't have to scour rummage sales though to find cheap but nice threads for baby though. Small Feet Big World has both gently used maternity and children's clothes available for sale online and ships throughout the US.

I got the following Baby Gap onesie with the standard teddy bear emblem on the pocket, which Ben is wearing below, you wouldn't even know it was used. He definitely didn't seem to mind :)
For boys 0-12m they have several Ralph Lauren rompers, shirts and even this cable knit sweater for sale.  Besides baby clothing and maternity items, the site also has children's clothes for toddlers and up.

You can also check out ThredUp, but they don't have clothes under for babies under 12 months :(

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