TOT Runway: Day 3 #DisneySMMoms: More Mickey Mouse Styles

Day 3 #DisneySMMoms: More Mickey Mouse Styles

For our third day at the Disney Social Media Moms conference, we dressed the boys in a Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuit 2-pack featuring trendy neon colors and of course Mickey Mouse. I love how the bright colors really stood out at the park too. Oh, and the boys actually grabbed the Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals below from all the items that they saw while passing through the gift shop in their stroller. It also made for another great photo opp.

As mentioned before (here) official Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuits have grow an inch snaps, which give you more room by the diaper area if needed. It comes in handy for our twins since Ben is usually an ounce and a quarter of an inch bigger than Logan. So, we have Logan's bodysuit on the closest row of snaps for a tight fit and use the grow an inch snaps for Ben so he has more room.

We could only find the above style at Babies R' Us physical locations though and not online, however they do have another fun Mickey Mouse 2-pack in blue for only $9.98 available online.


  1. Those are so cute! Disney clothes always look so cute on babies. My girls love anything Minnie Mouse!

  2. Disney is an escape from the world to a better cute