TOT Runway: The Children's Place Summer Styles

The Children's Place Summer Styles

Last week, I was able to attend a media preview of the new summer fashions at The Children's Place. I've shopped at their stores in the past, but this time I really went to town for my boys' new summer wardrobe, since they also have baby clothes from 0-24m, not just kids clothing.

I thought I was already getting a good deal, but many of the items ended up being marked down further once I brought them up to the check-out counter. I actually went back and got more stuff after seeing how low my total was. I got all of the clothes and accessories below (4 rompers, 4 shorts, 2 bodysuits, 1 sleep set and 1 hat) all for just $103 with tax. When you're buying for two, it's great to pay the price of just one wardrobe. I also walked away with coupons for next time.

The 2013 summer collection features bright plaids, bold teals and pops of orange. A lot of the summer shorts and shirts for boys also had fun ocean animal emblems on them like whales, sharks, piranha and crabs.

"For summer 2013, the trend we’re seeing everywhere is clothes in bold colors and prints with blazingly bright, neon accents. This style is perfect for kids who love fun, cheerful looks and great for parents who want to keep track of their little ones. With our bright collection, you’ll never lose sight of them," said The Children's Place lead designer, Michael Giannelli

My favorite thing about their clothing, besides the good deals, is their use of bright colors for boys too. A lot of other places go with typical blues and boring prints for boys as if they can't be stylish and on trend too.

Here are more styles from the 2013 summer collection for baby boys:

And for girls, they had some adorable one-piece sleep jumpers with cats and cupcakes on them! I sooo would have bought them if I had girls. They are also now making rompers and maxi dresses for young girls.


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  2. Shorts are my favorite summer staple because they're practical, comfortable and extremely versatile. my little brother also love to wear short