TOT Runway: Official Disney Parks Clothes for Baby

Official Disney Parks Clothes for Baby

While visiting Disney World Resorts with #DisneySMMoms in May, I snapped the following photos of official Disney Parks clothing and merchandise options for baby and newborns at the different gift shops.

Being my sons' first time at Disney, I loved dressing them up in some of these styles.
Luau Mickey. Love it!

  Disney Parks Infant Mickey Bodysuit 100% Awesome


  1. I had no idea they offered infant clothing! Will have to purchase some on my upcoming Disneyland trip for our friends who just had a baby. :)

  2. the disney design make the baby extremely adorable

  3. Aw so cute . I wish I knew about this when my kids were infants

  4. Yep, they are adorable! I love the Luau Mickey too!

  5. WOW! this official disney parks clothes for baby are so adorable and so cute! :)