TOT Runway: FEED Children's Collection at Target

FEED Children's Collection at Target

A couple of years ago, I helped publicize Disney's It's a Small World fashion collaboration with Nordstrom and FEED (blog post here). This was when I was first introduced to FEED, a philanthropic and trendy clothing company co-founded by Lauren Bush. The proceeds of FEED burlap weaved totes and cotton tees go to provide meals for children and families. Thus, fashion for a worthy cause.
Good news, FEED is now collaborating with a new retail partner, Target®! The collection includes tops and accessories for adults, but also onesies ($20 for a 3-pack) and bib sets ($15 for a 3-pack) for newborns and baby. The number on each FEED USA + Target product represents how many meals your purchase helps provide to Americans in need. Thus, on each onesie sleeve you'll see the number 5, so your purchase of a three pack will provide approximately 15 meals for children and families across America.

Here is a look at the girl and boy 3-packs:
The collection launched on Sunday so be sure and order yours ASAP!

Oh, and here is a pic of Lauren and I from 2011 :) 


  1. nice collection for every kids

  2. Yay! I wanna have one of these feed children's collection at target! :)

  3. Love the collection! I wish we would have had some of these collections when my oldest was a baby. Thank you for sharing!