TOT Runway: 5 Reasons Footed Pajamas Are Still Cool for Kids

5 Reasons Footed Pajamas Are Still Cool for Kids

With tons of styles of pajamas available for kids, why would you ever want your child to wear those silly looking footed pajamas?  Some people may think they are outdated, but those people probably haven’t realized how much fun a pair of footed pajamas for kids can be.  Here are 5 reasons why footed pajamas for kids are still cool and in style, while also keeping their feet warm in bed.  
Making Bedtime Easy
Getting kids to change for bed can be tricky.  When it’s time to put on their pajamas, they know that play time is over.  However, if you let your child change into footed pajamas before going to sleep, getting ready for bed can be a lot more fun.  Girls can add a tutu and pretend to be a ballerina.  Boys can wear a cape and a mask over their footed PJs to become a superhero.  Either way they’ll get to play and wear themselves out.  Then you only need to get them to take off their accessories and they’ll be ready for bed in no time.  
Footed PJs Make Early Morning Errands Even Easier
If your little one is too young to stay at home alone, you know that waking them up early to run errands, dropping their older brothers and sisters off at school, or even running  to the store can be a nightmare.  One nice thing about footed pajamas is that you can let your kid stay warm and cozy while you run errands so they can stay asleep.  Making them change or covering their feet can wake them up and create a cranky kid in the car.  Keeping them comfy can keep your morning calm and relaxing.  
They Are Super Cool  
New styles of two-piece pajamas aren’t the only things pajama designers have updated.  You can now find your kids’ favorite characters on footed pajamas like the Disney Princesses or Scooby Doo.  By having your kids’ favorite characters on their footed PJs, you can make getting ready for bed even more fun and easy.  
They Are Super Cute!
Sure footed pajamas can be warm and cozy, but when people see your little one wearing them, they won’t be able to help but smile and tell your kid how cute they are.  Kids can love to hear these compliments about their favorite footies, and hearing everyone compliment how cute your kids look always brings a smile to Mom’s or Dad’s face.  
The Perfect Reason to Buy Yourself a Pair
You may not remember when you were a kid and had your own pair of footed pajamas.  However, if you try some on you’ll know why they are some of the most comfy and loved styles around.  By buying a matching set of footed pajamas for the family, you can relive what it’s like to wake up and walk around feeling warm and cozy while also getting to take fun family photos in your matching footies.  Who doesn’t love the chance to have fun while taking a family photo that is perfect for a holiday card?  
Footed pajamas are the coolest style of PJs for kids and one you shouldn’t pass up.  They are fun, come in awesome designs, and you can even buy a matching set for the family.  If someone tries to tell you that they are outdated, simply send them a pair to try and wait for the phone call saying how amazing and comfy they really are.  


  1. i haven't found a lot of places that sell footed pajamas for adults. someone in my family is pretty much addicted to those! for me, that front zipper just gets all bunchy when sitting down. maybe someone needs to redesign the adult footed jammie? :)

  2. So cute! And I'd definitely wear a pair to match my kiddos. I love the idea of having a matching Christmas morning pajama photo and foote PJs would be adorable.

  3. I still and have always used footed pj's for my kids because I have always worried about their little feet getting cold. Footed pj's are so much easier for me to keep on them than a pair of socks.