TOT Runway: Grow with me Tees

Grow with me Tees

During The Mamas Expo in Queens last month, I discovered a company called Grow with me Tee. They make taking monthly photos of your baby easier, no need to buy a new onesie every month or a new decal each month, it's all in one onesie. And for older kids it's all-in-one tee.

Thus, their shirts or onesies stays the same size, it's your kid that grows! They tap into the trend of taking a picture of your growing baby every month, and extend it all the way through high school graduation. Simply pick the shirt that's right for your child, then snap a photo of them in it once a month (infants) every six months (toddlers/pre-school) or once a year (kids). Put the pics together to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Each shirt or onesie comes ready to gift, with a charming keepsake poem that explains how to use it.

Age Ruler Tee: 
Class of Tee:

Baby's First Year Tee:

This would have been a lot easier than getting a new balloon and theme each month like we did (here).

You can save 15% off on Grow with me Tees by using the code TOT15 during the month of June. Perfect for any upcoming shower or birthday gifts.


  1. Interesting concept. I'm probably too cheap to buy one but would make it myself. :P

  2. Awesome idea for our little one... I like The Baby's First Year Tee...
    its nice how they can see themselves grow up...

  3. To be hones, I have no idea how they work but it seems like a great idea.

  4. Laura E. CastilloJune 13, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    Awesome idea!

  5. These Tees are super cute! I love the "Baby's First Year" one!!
    Thank You for the review

    Fiona N

  6. Ohhh a fellow mama who loves fashion! Great posts and I'm definitely looking into some of these brands for my son :)