TOT Runway: KEEN Kids sporty footwear

KEEN Kids sporty footwear

KEEN Shoes
KEEN Kids footwear just launched their brand new Encanto Collection. It is a stylish line of boots and sneakers that have amazing functions for kids who just love to play outdoors. Great for muddy days and for kids being kids. 

While my sons have obviously had sneakers before, the Keen Little Kid's Encanto Sneaker (MSRP $50.00) feel truly like "big boy" sneaks for Little Kids (sizes 8-13) and offer more protection than the flimsy low top ones we had previously. I also like how stylish they look and the fun bright colors with crisscross accents, which add an extra pop of color. The colorful rubber treads on the bottom too provide great traction and are easy to wash clean. The hook and loop strap with bungee laces makes it easy for toddlers to explore their independence, getting shoes on and off  “all by myself”.

Best of all, no laces to trip them up or break or get dirty. Instead these high-top sneakers have expandable, elastic bungee type cords that pull open and close along with an extra Velcro close at the top. There is also a non-marking rubber outsole that covers the toe area, preventing water from seeping in like it can in other shoes.

As you can see, my kids put them to the test on the tennis courts, playground and rain-sogged grass and fortunately, their shoes are still bright and my boys feet were dry. It's also cool that not every kids in the area or their school has these, making them look extra unique and cool. 

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